Membership and Events

The Corning Country Club is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for membership.


Members and guest know the club for its uncompromising quality, dependable service, and variety of social activities.  In addition to golf the club has a 3,000 square –foot swimming pool, tennis courts, and an exercise room.


Corning Country Club offers year-round value several membership categories:


  • Full Family Golf
  • Individual Golf    
  • Activities/ Recreational
  • Social




For membership information contact our General Manager Jeff Thomas at 607-936-3711

or email at



Rich Nevins Member Since 1991   

“Great golf course, enjoyable to walk, always a new wrinkle or challenge, and once on the greens the adventure will renew depending on where the pins are located that day.  With a very busy business and family schedule, it’s also nice to know that I have the ability to get onto the course to play at most any time of day, and with a good pace of play.  It’s a great place for the kids to grow up at the pool, and as they become ready, they are welcomed on the golf course too.”



"We have been family Club members for going on 40 years .  Our five children learned to swim, play golf and make new friendship through the club. The Friday night couples golf, social events and the Club restaurant were a main stay  of our social life. We felt so strongly that the Club is important part of community that George served in finance leadership role on committee to build the present Club House and then a term as vice chairman of the Board for Finance. We also had four very memorable wedding receptions for our four daughters."  

George and Barbara Connors


 "My family and I have been members for a number of years, and we've found Corning Country Club to be a great blend of family-friendly and adult-oriented activities/offerings. The golf course conditions have improved over the years, making the playing experience terrific. Dining is consistently good, from the holiday-themed brunches and other events to a typical weeknight dinner with friends or family. The servers are longtime employees and treat everyone like family. The pool environment has had several great upgrades over the past two years, making it a great place for all members and their guests to enjoy a warm day. Most importantly, Corning Country Club members are welcoming, friendly, and generally a fun bunch. We love being members." 

Dustin and Randi Hewit

“After 6 years in Japan, we rejoined the Club and are very happy we did.  The Club House food and service are much improved.  John Hoyle, and his team are making significant improvements to the golf course.  Jeff and his staff are making CCC the premier club in the area.”

Thanks for doing a great job Jeff

Keith Glovins