The Corning Country Club was established in 1919. The land that was acquired for the golf course was well situated being surrounded by gently rolling hills, and included a farm house. The farm house structure was modified and become our very first clubhouse. Sadly while in the midst of renovation in 1951 the Clubhouse was destroyed in a fire. Firefighters from Corning, Gibson, and Big Flats responded to the 1:15 AM alarm but by 3:00 AM the clubhouse was leveled with only the two chimneys remaining.

A second clubhouse was built on a different site and was opened to rave reviews in July of 1952. The then modern facility was much larger and offered more room to meet the members’ needs.

In 1999 the second clubhouse was demolished to make way for the clubhouse that is here today. Our new facility can accommodate functions up to 200 people and is being enjoyed by us all.


At the Corning Country Club, our "Legends" are our faithful and esteemed Club members that have been supporting and enjoying the Corning Country Club for 40 or more years.

Their collective contributions to the Club and the local community over the years have, indeed, qualified them as living "legends".

At the Corning Country Club, a special recognition event is held each year to acknowledge our existing Legends and add new members to this exclusive group, as they reach their 40th year of membership within the Club.

Please join us in celebrating the current Legends of our Club.



Amory & Pricilla Houghton
Jamie & Maisie Houghton
Don Creath
George & Mary Alice Bosseler
John & Carol Lind
Joe & Marcia Miller
Joe & Helen Muccigrosso
Mary Lou McBurney
Irene Orsini
Sally Pinkston
Joe & Bette Reilly
Bill & Renate Ring
Joe Tunney
Jerry Vine
Curt & Rosemary Hooey
Bob & Mona Behrens

Forrest Behm
Art & Donna Bodner
George & Joanna Boettner
Dutch Craumer
Betty Wheeler
Ida Cortright
Robert & Patricia Cahill
Clif & Priscilla Smith
Marty & Ginger Gibson
Ellen Carver
Barbara Horton & John Uszenski
Robert & Barbara McLean
Evar & Kathleen Overstrom


Original Clubhouse